Ice Caps Artwork

This artwork was first developed in 2008 with the idea of growing consumerism at all costs, especially to the cost of melting ice caps and global warming.

It was available as a limited edition print in a series of 25, numbered, and signed by myself.

This artwork is no longer available to purchase via the artist and will now only be seen and sold on the secondhand market through private sellers. Many thanks, Mark Brereton

Warz No More

Warz No More is a political artwork in response to Artists Against War. It specifically focuses on the Russian invasion of Ukraine in which Russia escalated their invasion on 24 February 2022. The artwork builds a picture of tanks, bombs, dead, and carnage upon the Ukrainian landscape and people. This work takes examples of photo-illustration, diorama, and aesthetics of painting to capture a photographic artwork supporting Ukraine, it’s ongoing developments, and new future.

Title: Warz No More

Title: Warz No More. Created: 2022. Size: 59x84cm. Medium: Abstract Photography on FSC Recycled Paper. Price on Request.

In Glass Houses

In Glass Houses explores the spaces used for growing and nurturing all things horticulture. Some are grand places and some are small personal locations.

From hi-tec environments to diy settings, In Glass Houses aims to explore the fascinating uses of glass houses across the UK.