Exploration Apathy

This series of artworks (Exploration Apathy) plays with a couple of themes, one being false appearances, and two being irony and contrasts in human behaviour. On first inspection the artworks seem to be decorative and maybe related to astronomical inquires into the search for new beautiful planets, but in stark contrast the artworks are images of slices of meat taken from dead animals like samples from a test lab specimen.

With the growing destruction of planet earth and the many animals we share our environments with, the artwork strives to engage the viewer in thought about what the image really is. What are they looking at? and how do the titles of the artworks relate to the intricate images. The beauty and death within the artwork not only plays with the viewers senses, but also tries to stimulate the unconscious emotions when first coming into contact with a subject or object etc…

The problem solving and further investigation of the images may raise more information by learning the meaning behind each title of artwork. Referenced from Greek and using this process in a similar way to naming some planets, the words translate to mean Bone meaning Osto, Blood meaning Aima, Fat meaning Lipos, and Meat meaning Kreas. Overall this ongoing collection of work aims to take part in the deep thought process from the human behaviour to emotional mind.

Title: Planet Kreas.
Title: Planet Osto.
Title: Planet Aima.