The Last 9 Days on Earth

The Last 9 Days on Earth explores a short story about leaving planet earth for a new planet. It raises the questions, Why do we need to leave? What year is this? What happened? And Where are we going? It ultimately aims to question our relationship with the earth, the environment, and the future. The uneasy nature of the photographs also don’t shed much more information on the story and also add to the critical nature of the situation and importance of the now for a better future.

Day 1. The Earths atmosphere is almost blown away by solar winds but we are staying hopeful, we know we have a new home awaiting our arrival.

Title: Day 1. The Last 9 Days on Earth.

Day 2. We’ve started our journey to Scotland. There are only 2 leaving points in the UK and the other was Cornwall, we opted for the Northern journey.

Title: Day 2. The Last 9 Days on Earth.

Day 3. The blue sky we’ve became so familiar with has gone, no more romantic sunsets, no more spotting shapes in the clouds.

Title: Day 3. The Last 9 Days on Earth.

Day 4. As we get closer to Scotland the environment is becoming more severe. Losing our connection with the ground is more unsettling because we know we will never walk on earth again.

Title: Day 4. The Last 9 Days on Earth.

Day 5. The departing information wasn’t working, no surprise there, nothing was hardly working anymore. We sat and awaited further instructions.

Title: Day 5. The Last 9 Days on Earth.

Day 6. I’m not sure how people are suppose to find each other at this point. It’s every person for themselves, queues aren’t working and with millions of people it’s probably why VIP’s left 15 days earlier.

Title: Day 6. The Last 9 Days on Earth.

Day 7. Damn this digital camera. Well it just seems to fit the whole predicament, everything is knackered and these images are truly knackered. What would the camera club say now? Haha. Well, looking on the bright side they’re probably all dead.

Title: Day 7. The Last 9 Days on Earth.

Day 8. I don’t know what’s up or what’s down anymore. I just know that soon we won’t be here. Here’s a lovely picture of what’s left of Scotland.

Title: Day 8. The Last 9 Days on Earth.

Day 9. This is it! We are off! Not sure if we will make it but I really don’t know how things will develop. I won’t lie, I’m crapping my pants. Leaving home is one thing, but leaving earth for good, is completely unfathomable. Good bye and farewell.

Title: Day 9. The Last 9 Days on Earth.